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Restorative Lawn Renovation

Even the most conscientious homeowner runs into lawn issues, such as holes, brown spots, or excess weeds. But with our D-L Property Preservation LLC in New Haven, Connecticut, you don't have to sweat it. We provide personalized lawn renovation services aimed at enhancing your lawn's aesthetic and boosting your property value. No matter how complex your lawn issues are, we have you covered.

Renovation Details

Prior to providing your free estimate, we carefully evaluate your lawn for any problem areas. From there, we fix any and all issues with ease. We thatch, fertilize, and even out your lawn before laying down seeds and hay designed to help your greenery thrive.

Additionally, we are able to handle poor draining and other complex issues with lawn irrigation and aeration. By renovating your space, we let the ground drain and breathe, so you can enjoy a healthier lawn.

Beautiful Lawn

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